Our Story

 The Barrie Scotch Whisky Society had a very modest beginning. In 2009 a group of friends held a Scotch nosing at one of their homes. The intent was for everyone to bring a different bottle of Single Malt Scotch, so that they could all sample whiskies that they had never tasted, compare notes and share in the experience. As the evening progressed, the conversation became more flamboyant. It was suggested that if they could find more people interested in doing the same, then they would organize regular tasting events to sample a greater variety of whisky, enjoy an elegant meal and all at a reasonable cost.

After several months of deliberation and planning, the Georgian College dining room was booked. Three different Single Malts were selected and with the help of the Georgian College Chef, the Scotch tasting notes were paired with a delicious meal. With these details in place, the next few weeks were spent frantically trying to find as many people as possible who might entertain the idea of a Scotch night. That first event saw 35 people attend the inaugural evening and all agreed it was a resounding success.


Each event since, has grown steadily in numbers (through word of mouth) and has now seats 150 to 175 guests, from a list of over 500 past and present guests. These like minded individuals come from all walks of life, including business men and women, trades people, retirees, Scotch novices, to avid enthusiasts, all looking to enjoy a social evening of excellent food, paired with world renown whiskies, in a relaxed social atmosphere of good company.

The Barrie Scotch Whisky Society gets together 3 times per year and on average have 150 people in attendance. Everyone acquires key learning and a better understanding of what Single Malt Scotch is all about from the presentations made by members, invited guest speakers and specialists from within the whisky industry.


As the Barrie Scotch Whisky Society is a not for profit organization, it relies completely on event registration fees, along with additional funds donated by our sponsors and supporters. 

How we function

The BSWS functions  with select committee members and a group of event workers, all who are volunteers.

The BSWS is supported by Sponsors and Partners, whose contribution is essential to the success of each event.

For any enquirers regarding Sponsorship & Partnership, please get in touch via the Contact Page.